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The Venom: Let the Be Carnegie poster, so that Venom is leaping towards the audience.

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Poison: Let the Be Carnegie There’s a mid-credit view, and that’s a pretty big deal. Sequel of 2018 Stunning superhero hits Starring Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy, but in a slightly deeper voice, takes a strong swing with its sequel Bait in a way that is both wonderful and still not entirely unexpected. But naturally, for movies and anything related to Marvel, getting there was more complicated than it should have been. The difficulty is you already There is an ink What is it, but just in case …

The image in the article titled Making Venom 2's Post-Credits Scene was harder than you thought

After defeating Carnegie (Woody Harrelson), Eddie and Venom breathe a sigh of relief, watching a Spanish soap opera at a hotel, and Eddie asks if his detective friend is keeping any secrets. Venom abruptly reveals that as a colleague, he has received from his people the knowledge of the collective beehive mind that spans thousands of universes and …Reality And that Eddie’s mind can’t handle the experience. It’s not something you’re saying without supporting it, though, Venom has decided to give Eddie a tough one and a demonstration. But even before that happens, everything changes around them and they stay in completely different hotel rooms. And on TV, they see J. Jonah as Jameson, Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Far from home. Venom then roars curiously, “That guy …” and licks the TV with Peter’s mouth in it. (Obese.)

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Venom aint for me either. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Director Andy Sarkis has revealed that the state of the wall-crawler in the film was automatically before signing in. “There were moments where Spider-Man was going to be in the story, presumably, and then he wasn’t … it couldn’t be more if you tried,” he laughed.

Circus was always aware that there was a meeting between Peter and Eddie, and he said in the past that it should be you Build out over time. Although he wanted to “explore the poison-verse” as much as possible before him, it wasn’t like he could plant his feet forever. That connection between the two characters began to add up when they were shooting the photo. He added: “There had to be an inevitable discussion, but it wasn’t too late until we got to the exact idea of ​​the teaser we wanted to put there.”

What this means is that Venom is seen and will randomly jump over Peter Spider-Man: No Way Home Come December? The circus doesn’t say, but that means it’s easy for Poison and Spidey Start hanging When their schedule allows. Hopefully, the head will remain intact.

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