Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Amazon’s Internet Satellite Work will be done to expand rural broadband coverage. CNBC Report Is Verizon Group With Amazon to improve sustainable wireless Internet access in rural areas of the United States. The alliance will initially focus on expanding Verizon’s LTE and 5G services using Amazon’s Project Kuiper for “backhaul”, to increase coverage in areas with little or no high-speed data.

Amazon and Verizon hope to offer unified Internet access for global industry later Smart farm And transportation. Currently, they are establishing technical requirements for rural broadband using project Kuiper antenna technology that is already under development.

The two did not provide a timeline for these satellite-enhanced services. Recently Amazon Aligned rocket launches For Project Kuiper, but by 2026 less than half of its satellites are expected to be in Earth orbit. The entire constellation is expected after July 2029.

This agreement has an enemy-my-enemy aspect. Amazon and Verizon Race to compete With the rapid development of SpaceX Sterlink service – Sterlink claims to have a very strong foothold with corporate clients and they both risk losing customers. Like Google. Similarly, Americans can’t think of anything if it brings faster internet access to more parts of the country. Rural internet coverage is still far from complete, even with The FCC is investing billions in 5G – It can fill vacancies in rural areas without wires as before.

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