VGO earns as much money from ads and data as it does from TV

VGO is ultimately a government agency public 2015 plans for an IPO It was derailed during an attempt at an invisible acquisition from Leico Eventually fell apart. Issuing The first public income report earlier today, The company revealed that in the first three months of 2021, profits from its Platform + business – the segment that sold viewer data and advertising space through the SmartCast platform – were $ 38.4 million.

As the conveners called, the company has continued court relations with brands and agencies, following the same plan with businesses built on its Inscape Automated Content Recognition technology six years ago.

Its device business (the part that sells TVs, sound bars and the like) had a total revenue of 48 million over the same period, up from .5 32.5 million last year. Although the hardware business has generated significantly more revenue, data and advertising profits have risen 152 percent over the past year and are catching up fast.

VGO said hardware gains were hurt as shipping glot affected many companies compared to last year, with hardware gains hurting due to shipping glot. “


FTC In 2013, he slapped Vigio on the wrist for trying to escapeSaid the data was collected without properly informing the audience. Now a little bit clear about what company products you are choosing,

VGO says it now has 13.4 million active smartcast accounts, with viewers spending 52 percent of their viewing time on smartcast inputs (casting from built-in apps, or any other device). 34 percent went to linear TV while watching percent

So what can we expect from Vizio? Even lower priced TV with lots of connected features They already support HDMI 2.1. However, as TVs themselves narrow as a profit margin, it continues to offer ad-supported streaming options along with VGO-linked features. Several new free channels were added earlier this month) Which gives one more opportunity to make money with its platform + business.

If you have a VGO TV and you want to opt out of anonymous tracking, These are the steps to follow, And their privacy policy is available if you want to learn more about how data is collected and used Here.

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