Violent protests in Bangladesh against COVID, three shots Coronavirus Epidemic News

Officials say at least three people have been shot dead as protesters stormed a police station in rural Bangladesh.

Police and a doctor said protests against police enforcement of coronavirus restrictions in rural areas turned violent when a mob of protesters stormed a police station, killing at least three people, police and a doctor said.

The incident took place late Monday night in the town of Salta in Faridpur district, where police said there were rumors of injuries in a market police sweep aimed at enforcing health measures to prevent the spread of COVD. .

Thousands of angry villagers took to the streets. A group of them hurled bricks at a police station and vandalized government offices in the city, setting fire to an officer’s house and two vehicles belonging to government officials, police said.

“Police fired in self-defense after they attacked the police station,” a Faridpur district police spokesman told AFP.

The second police officer, Inspector Noor-e-Alam Fakir, confirmed the incident.

Police did not provide any casualty figures, but Abdul Matin, a doctor in the emergency ward at the government-run Faridpur Medical College Hospital, said three people were in critical condition at gunpoint.

“One of them was shot in the ass, another in the chest and a third in both legs,” he told AFP.

During the lockdown in Lock Dhaka, very few vehicles are usually seen on a congested road [Al-emrun Garjon/AP]

Bangladesh was established on Monday Seven-day nationwide lockdown Casualties have risen in recent weeks after coronavirus cases reached record highs.

At least 8,787 people tested positive for the virus on Sunday, the highest number of cases per day since the virus was first detected in the South Asian country in March 2020

All domestic travel services, including buses, ferries, trains and flights, have been shut down, and shops and malls will remain closed for a week. A night curfew is effective.

Hundreds of shopkeepers protested in the capital against the lockdown, saying it would adversely affect their business.

The two officials said supporters of an extremist group called Hefazat-e-Islam joined the attack on Saltha police station.

Thousands of Hefazat supporters Demonstration processions across the country Against the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi late last month, which has led to deadly clashes with police.

Hefazat did not immediately respond to a request for comment from police on the allegations.

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