Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Virgin Galactic has taken another push. The company said on Thursday It has delayed the launch of its commercial space tourism service in the fourth quarter of 2022. It had previously hoped to start delivering spacecraft at some point in the third quarter of next year.

With the delay, the company will begin rebuilding both its carrier aircraft and spacecraft this month. Virgin Galactic says it expects the whole process to take eight to ten months. As a result of the action, , The company’s next flight, will not be closed until mid-2022 as soon as possible.

Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Collazier said, “Our enhanced re-sequencing and Unity2 flight flight underscores our safety-first practices, providing the most efficient way of commercial service and the right approach for our business and customers.” A .

Not connected with delay Operated at FAA Unity 22, the flight taken by the founder of Virgin Galactic At the edge of space. After completing the investigation, the federal agency cleared the company for future flights.

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