Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Ticket sales for his trip to the edge of the place have reopened At a high price Back in August, and the company says it has sold 100 of the $ 450,000 tickets so far. Each of them cost 250,000.

Overall, , Co , A place reserved on a Virgin Galactic flight The company expects to sell 1,000 tickets before the start of the commercial trip, which has recently been delayed () To . As Note that Virgin Galactic has so far only allowed tickets to be purchased by individuals who have made a 1,000 refundable deposit. The company plans to allow more people to reserve a place by early 2022.

Virgin Galactic’s first crude flight Jeff Bezos with founder Richard Branson on board, nine days before the end of space . Unity 23, Virgin Galactic’s next flight, will not take off until at least mid-2022. The flight will carry three paying Italian Air Force passengers who will .

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