Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

The Virgin has been galactic Clear to fly again The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) follows a Exception On the previous flight, WSJ Reported. The company began investigating the space company’s first crew flight after it went down its approved trajectory.

The FAA determined that the spaceship to Unity Craft, founder Richard Branson and five other crew, deviated from its designated airspace for one minute and 41 seconds and failed to report errors if necessary. However, it accepted Virgin Galactic’s offer of protected airspace expansion for a wide range of potential trajectories and communicated with air traffic control in real time during the flight.

“Updates to our airspace and real-time mission notification protocols will strengthen our readiness as we move closer to the commercial launch of our spacecraft experience,” Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colgazia said in a statement.

According to a report New Yorker, The pilots saw a “red light” warning at the end of the powered flight indicating that the spacecraft had gone out of its entry glide cone, putting it at risk of an emergency landing. Virgin Galactic said the deviation was caused by high altitude winds and that the ship did not fly beyond the boundaries surrounding its protected airspace. A spokesman said: “The ship did not travel over any population center or pose a danger to the public.”

Again with flight clearance in hand, Virgin Galactic could fly its next mission in mid-October, with potential members of the Italian Air Force. After that, both the current Spaceshipto and its Whitekitto host aircraft will spend four months to get the upgrade, the company said earlier.

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