Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

VCV Rack 2 Has arrived, and it can help you determine whether modular synthesis is something you can get into before you blow your mind. The original app dropped in 2017, giving you access to thousands of virtual modules that allow you to use EuroRock for free. This Upgraded app Comes with a completely redesigned user interface with Dark Room mode and a much better module browser than its predecessor. VCV has a library of about 2,700 modules, and newer browsers will make it easier to sort with the ability to filter their categories and highlight the modules you use the most.

Although the app is still free to download and use, there is now a Pro version that includes a VST plugin for full integration into the digital audio workstation of your choice. This means you can use VCV Rack between Ableton, Logic or even GarageBand. The Pro Tier comes with professional support – and promises more plugin formats in the future. The paid version of Rack 2 will pay you back $ 99 by 2022, although you can get it for 20 209 with VCV drums and VCV sound stage. You can get paid and free VCV Rack 2 version right now Official page.

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