Vizio’s rotating Dolby Atmas soundbar is off 200 200 off Amazon

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You do not have to pay the full price to install VGO’s unusual elevated soundbar Under your TV. Amazon is selling for a 5.1.4-channel elevator 800, Or তুল 200 more than its official price. This is the lowest price we have seen From November, And the lowest price Amazon has set. You may want to work faster if you are interested – this is a limited time contract that may end soon.

Buy VGIO Elevate on Amazon – $ 800

The Elevate is a relatively rare high-soundbar of Vizio, and the ward stands with upward rotating speakers whenever you play Dolby Atmos or DTS: X content. You can get vertical audio when you’re interested in immersion, but you don’t have to give out some output when you’re listening to conventional stereo or ambient sound. It also comes with Chromecast and Bluetooth support

As usual, Elevate’s main challenge is the competition of Dolby Atmos-capable bars. The design of the VGO is leaning towards the ditch which may sound good for blockbuster movies and games but may not help much in the soft-spoken dialogue of a one-time drama. At this price, though, Elevate could be an easy sale.

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