Volkswagen aims to have a fully autonomous electric taxi van by 2025

Earlier this year, Volkswagen Published Checking it out Argo AI’s self-driving system Its prototype is electronic ID. Now, there’s the automaker Announced That’s it Preparation ID.Baz vans are capable of Level 4 autonomy and they will be ready for commercial transport of goods and passengers by 2025. Level 4 autonomy means the car can drive completely on its own, although the driver can still take responsibility if needed. Also, full self-driving is limited to just a few specific places. In other words, it expects the van to provide robotics service with drivers behind the wheel at intervals of a few years.

E.g. Drive Notes, self-driving technology B buzz for ID and the vehicle itself is not ready yet, so it will take some time for us to see the final product. The company has already begun testing Argo AI’s technology at six locations in the United States, and is expanding its trials in Munich and Pennsylvania later this year in a partnership with ride-sharing company MOIA.

Christian Senzer, head of autonomous driving at VW’s van unit, said the automaker would focus its development efforts in its densely populated urban area. These locations are extremely complex to navigate and can generate a ton of data and they also “provide the basis for intensive use of mobility offers.” “Developing a ride-healing and pooling concept similar to the one Moa offers today,” Sengar added. Doing.

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