Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

A few months ago, Volvo Tie up the alliance Swedish steel producer SSAB could use it to make a type of steel for its vehicles that does not use fossil fuels. Now, there’s the automaker Published What it says is the world’s first vehicle made of fossil-free steel: a four-wheeled fully electric load carrier made for excavation and mining. In addition to not emitting greenhouse gases, it can follow a predetermined route for autonomous and transportation of materials to the workplace.

SSAB produces fossil-free steel instead of coal used during the production process with hydrogen from electrolysis. E.g. Forbes Note, however, that the whole car is not exactly fossil-free, since the steel used for the components supplied by third party suppliers, such as its electric motor, was used in the traditional theological way. Nevertheless, Volvo Group CTO Lars Stenkvist told the publication that “most of the steel” in the car is fossil-free. He said the carrier weighs tons.2 tons, made of three tons of green steel from SSAB, and those eight tons contain other heavy components, such as car tires.

Volvo plans to start a small-scale production for the car next year and increase production depending on the availability of steel from SSAB. The Swedish manufacturer expects to start mass production of its fossil-free steel in 202 in, so we will see more Volvo vehicles using the material in that time.

Martin Lundstad, president and CEO of Volvo Group, said in a statement:

“This initiative with SSAB sets the standard for a fossil-free future. As countries around the world come together in COP26 to tackle climate change, organizations and industries need to work together to innovate innovative solutions for greenhouse gas emissions.” We are committed to such a pioneering partnership to build attractive, safe and efficient new vehicles and machines that will pave the way for more sustainable transportation and infrastructure in the future. “

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