Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Interested in bringing Volvo Self-driving technology To the construction crew, but it is taking a steadily unusual path to get there. There is an automaker Unveiling An autonomous wheel loader prototype, the LX03, based on a Lego model – the 42081 Lego Technique concept wheel loader Zeux, if you are looking for it. The machine can carry 5 tons and can make its own decisions in different situations including team-up with human workers.

The LX03 is also uniquely modular. Volvo can make “just one or two changes” to create a larger or smaller loader to meet customer demand. It is surprisingly electrical and can last up to eight hours depending on the job. Then it should be available for a normal working day.

The prototype is not indicative of a production model. This represents the “next stage” of Volvo’s efforts to explore both AI and decarbonize construction, However. And there is nothing to deny the application to build a real, fully functional vehicle Based on plastic building systems, Especially when it could start a future that keeps people away from dangerous and monotonous work.

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