Von der Lion blames EU-Turkey for ‘sofagate’

Who put the European Commission chief at his feet, blaming Turkey and Europe for encouraging allegations of sexism and indulging in a critical meeting.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was caught red-handed while European Council President Charles Michel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan were sitting in armchairs next to each other – sitting on a sofa opposite Turkish Foreign Minister Mevl কাt Cavusoglu.

Annoying moments, Captured in video The talks between EU officials and Erdogan at the Turkish presidential palace in Ankara came ahead of what both sides often wanted to portray as a “new momentum” in terms of divisive relations.

Michelle of the European Union, who looks at Von der Leyen in the video but is in her own chair, blames Turkey for the diplomatic accident. He said in a Facebook post late on Wednesday that “the strict interpretation of the protocol rules by the Turkish authorities has given rise to a worrying situation: the European Commission’s treatment of the president is unique – even inferior.”

But in a televised comment on Thursday, Cavusoglu spoke out against “unjust infiltration by high-ranking officials against Turkey.” He said: “The protocol applied during this meeting approved the EU’s request. This was done on the advice of the European Union. Beard. “

Von der Leyen’s seemingly online attention, as well as a picture posted on Twitter by Jane-Claude Juncker, former president of the Sophie Commission, and Donald Tusk, an opponent of the European Council, in the Dutch liberal MEP’s ‘T Weld’, slammed Erdogan. Chair sets at equal distances.

Cavogoglu, however, rejects the notion that the slightest incident against Von der Leyen reflects a negative attitude towards women. Turkey is particularly vulnerable to allegations of sexism after Erdogan last month Pulled his country Europe is out of a groundbreaking council in the treaty to prevent violence against women.

The back and seating arrangement reveals inter-institutional justling in Brussels that may shock outsiders and obscure the big picture. The President of the European Council presides over the meeting of EU national leaders, and the Brussels-based executive head of the main bloc of the European Commission. Some, like Erdogan, demanded higher positions in meetings with EU non-heads of state and government.

“Under the terms of the protocol, the chairman of the commission is treated like the chairman of the council,” Eric Mama, a spokesman for the commission, told reporters on Thursday. He added that von der Leyen had asked his team to make arrangements to ensure a similar situation “would not arise in the future”.

Michelle argued in her post that the controversy over the dubbed #Chargate or #Sophagate on Twitter had “surpassed significant and beneficial geopolitical work”, adding that she and Von der Lane acted in Turkey.

Von der Lane said he and Michelle had traveled to Turkey to “revitalize our relationship” but gave details beyond promises to improve trade ties, provide financial assistance to control irregular migration, and focus on human rights abuses.

Turkey is officially a candidate for EU membership, but its human rights record, one after another, and strained relations with neighboring Cyprus and Greece have been under discussion for more than a decade.

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