VW teases the larger ID.6 electronic SUV before the auto show debut

There is VW Yet another point Electric vehicles in the pipeline, and it is not waiting until the official launch to give any indication of expectations. Autblog The carmaker has teased the ID6 electric SUV before its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, which starts on April 21st. The seven-seat EV will be larger than that ID.4 And will be available in two variants, ID.6X and ID.6 Cruise. But the imagery shows that it will not be as fictional as this Roomz idea From 2019 – VW has rolled out sliding doors in favor of more conventional entrances.

Although VW has not officially shared the glasses, Chinese regulators have suggested that you get the same power as the ID4. You will get 201 hp from the rear motor of the standard ID.6 trim and a dual motor, about 302HP for all wheel driver models.

The company has made it clear that ID X. X and Cruz are meant for the Chinese market. Don’t be discouraged if you want this big electronic guy to hula though. VW I said before Automotive News It is possible that an ID.6 model will reach the United States. This is not surprising. The American automotive market prefers SUVs, and the ID4 can only satisfy local tastes as a compact crossover. Rumier machines like ID like can reach many more buyers.

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