VW’s electronic ID.buzz microbus will hit the United States in 2023

Volkswagen Revealed when you can hit the road Electric minibus. The 2022 ID will be available in the United States in 2023, one year after the first vehicle sales in Europe, VW reported. Cars and drivers.

The automaker will offer more versions of the EV in Europe than in North America, such as short and long wheelbase passenger and commercial variants. U.S. shoppers will only be able to pick up ID.buzz in a long-wheelbase passenger format. Eventually, there will be one Fully autonomous version Europe’s commercial ID. This will be the first fully autonomous visit of the VW group. However, perhaps this form will not come to the United States.

Entry-level ID. Buzz will probably be a rear-wheel drive model with about 200 horsepower. Cars and drivers. On the higher end, the VW will deliver an all-wheel-drive version up to 300hp.

At least in Europe, VW ID is stuck in its original timeline for bazaar. It is Said in 2017 One of its target release windows was 2022.

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