Walmart invests in GM-owned autonomous car startup Cruise

Walmart is promising autonomous distribution with a new one Investment In self-driving companies Cruise. The two already have a comfortable relationship working together on this one Delivery pilot In Scottsdale, Arizona. Walmart was so impressed by Cruise’s “differentiated business, unique technology and relatively driverless experimentation” that it decided to participate in the GM subsidiary’s ড 2.7575 billion fundraising round.

The investment will see the cruise retailer’s “latest milestones delivery ecosystem” – industry parlins an Walmart have partnered with companies including Google for driverless delivery for the final journey from warehouse to customer. Wemo, Ford And Udelv. Most of this involves limited testing, but Walmart is adamant that autonomous vehicles will play a bigger role in the retail sector.

“This investment is a sign for us – it shows our commitment to bringing our customers and businesses the benefits of self-driving cars,” Walmart chief John Farner noted in a blog post. “It simply came to our notice then If They will be made smaller, however When

Walmart’s decision came just months after it announced its membership, Walmart Plus, To compete with Amazon Prime. There are both agencies Witness A huge windfall in profits during the epidemic that could put more of their work towards automation. There are two I’m trying Per Control Their huge carbon footprint through investment Sustainable delivery The fleet assists that the cruise is committed to using all the electric vehicles supplied by GM from the beginning.

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