Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

SpaceX is making history by launching the first all-civilian mission in orbit and you can see it live. The space corporation is opening a five-hour launch window for the Daka mission Inspiration 4 Today, September 15, 8:02 PM Inspiration 4 was provided for a billionaire who was previously relatively unknown: Shift 4 Payments CEO Jared Isaacman. He is bringing three more with him, and none of them are trained astronauts or have been in space before.

Isaacman, who is an experienced pilot, will be the mission commander, and Haley will be Arsenaux’s medical officer. A medical assistant at Arceneaux St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital who was diagnosed with cancer as a child. According to Atlantic, Is one of the goals of this mission Collect 200 million For the hospital, and Isaacman wanted to bring one of his staff.

Professor of Geology and former NASA astronaut program finalist Sian Proctor will serve as mission pilot. Finally, Chris Sembrowski, a data engineer and Iraq war veteran, will work as a mission expert. Proctor won an online contest hosted by Isaacman, while Sembrowski received his slot from a friend who won a raffle for a mission seat.

The team trained for six months together and Done A complete rehearsal of the September 13 launch day activities. They will spend three days orbiting our planet on a SpaceX crew dragon capsule that will explode on a Falcon rocket. While they are hitting across space, the team will conduct scientific research to provide more information about the long-term impact of spacecraft on the human body.

SpaceX has started streaming the event Website And his YouTube page. Netflix will also stream the launch YouTube.

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