Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

YouTube has a new feature that lets you quickly switch from smartphone to desktop while watching videos, 9to5Google Reported. If you’re watching something on the YouTube app on Android or iOS and sign out before it’s over, a Mini player The same video will open in the bottom corner when you launch YouTube on the web. Instead of showing the channel name normally, “Continue viewing” is displayed below the title.

Clicking the play button will start playback in the mini player, or you can expand it to open the video. For example, if you come home after a train, this feature speeds up the video you’re already watching. Otherwise, if you don’t check “Watch Later”, you’ll need to check your History section and drag the video from there.

Despite being on YouTube’s Android beta testing program, the feature seems to be spreading to users, although in France I still haven’t seen it. For example, the new feature may take some time to fly around your neck.

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