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Supported by an international concert hosted by Selina Gomez and titled Jennifer Lopez, Global Citizen is unveiling an ambitious campaign to help medical workers in the world’s poorest countries get the COVID-19 vaccine quickly.

The anti-poverty organization is announcing the musical event – Wax Live: The Concert to the World to the World – aimed at raising corporations and social workers to raise 22 22 billion for global vaccinations. The concert, which airs on US TV channels ABC, CBS and Fox as well as iHeartMedia radio station and YouTube on May 7, will also feature Foo Fighter, Eddie Vedder, J Balvin and HIR

These works will be recorded at the Sophie Stadium in the western U.S. city of Los Angeles, California.

Prior to the event, Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans highlighted the intensity of the problem his organization wants to address.

“There are 2iated million healthcare workers worldwide who do not have access to vaccines,” Evans told the Associated Press. “I am 38 years old, and it is not ethical for me to have access to the vaccine before these heroic first responders and community health workers. So we need to start granting these doses on an urgent basis. “

The Global Citizen Program is a nonprofit and a growing web of workers seeking to achieve a more efficient distribution of CVD-19 vaccines. As of this month, Evans said, 60 countries have not yet received any COID-19 vaccine.

In the wake of the Carnavirus epidemic in Patna, India in April 2021, a health worker collects swam samples from a passenger at a government bus stand near Gandhi Maidan [Santosh Kumar/Hindustan Times via Getty Images]

“Low-income countries don’t just need to raise this welcome fund; They need to use doses of the Cavid-19 vaccine, “said Tom Hart, North America’s executive director of The One Campaign’s other nonprofit, about the overall grant drive last month. May be used. “

One week later, Gayle Smith, president and CEO of The One Campaign, was selected by the Biden administration to be the new State Department coordinator for overseas COVD and health care.

Global Citizen, which typically focuses on fighting extreme poverty, is involved in taking the CVD-19 vaccine beyond its need.

“We can’t go back to ending extreme poverty, and 150 million people have returned to extreme poverty this year because of the epidemic,” Evans said. “Everything is educational until we get it under control.”

Medical staff visit the intensive care unit at the Intensive Care Unit of the Isolation and Treatment Center for COVID-19 patients in Machakos, south of the Kenyan capital Nairobi [File: AP Photo/Brian Inganga]

The advocacy group called last year the “World for Recovery Plan,” which it hopes will address the CWID-19, climate crisis, hunger and education problems, as well as racial equality. Under the plan, the Global Citizen Group of Seven (G7) has secured 1.5 1.5 billion in pledges from industrialized democracy. In the end though it acknowledged that more awareness and funding is needed.

“We decided that we needed to bring the world back together with a global event that would bring together world leaders, artists, philanthropists and CEOs,” Evans said.

As he described, Wax Live is the first attempt by global television to lobby world leaders to help achieve a more equitable vaccine distribution. The event is also planned to pledge the billions of dollars needed to send two billion vaccine doses to the world’s poorest countries by the end of the year, in addition to the COVID-19 test. However, if Global Citizen earns enough money, it still needs rich countries to continue stockpiling vaccines for drug manufacturers who prefer poor countries as consumers.

“It’s not a ‘mission assignment,'” Evans said. “But if we can make sure there’s a fair distribution of vaccines, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

Global Citizen wants health workers in every country in the world to receive a vaccine by 2021, a year before the current plan.

“By June, the U.S. government will have about 45 million doses of their entire population vaccinated sitting in cold storage and warehouses there,” Evans said. “It seems absolutely crazy for something that is in favor of sitting in ordinary cold storage.”

On Tuesday, Global Citizen also launched its wax as an initiative to encourage people to get vaccinated whenever they can. The program will include ads created to spread the conversation among ad councils, YouTube and others who are hesitant about vaccinations.

“If people see their friends and relatives getting it, they’re more likely to get it,” Evans said. Chances are. “

To Evans, Gomez is the ideal host to point out the points people need to hear the most.

“Selena Gomez is clearly an incredible leader in her own right,” she said. “He has the greatest social following on the planet and he is a true leader among the youth and the Latinx community.”

On his behalf, Gomez said he was proud to have been elected.

“A historic moment in encouraging people around the world to take the COVID-19 vaccine when it comes to them, urging world leaders to share doses of the vaccine equally and to bring people together for one night of music has never seemed possible.” Loss You To Love Me Minger said in a statement. “I can’t wait to be a part of it.”

Over the years, Global Citizen has used the power of connecting celebrities with their fans to create a “joint action” movement that shows government leaders just how popular certain programs can be. Its annual Global Citizen Festivals in Central Park have raised the profile of extreme poverty eradication by 2030 by talking to world leaders on social media with the help of Beyonc বা or Coldplay or Stevie Wonder fans.

The group hopes to do this again with Wax Live.

Evans said, “I think growing up, we were all taught that I would say ‘Sally Strathers’ point of view in charity – if I gave a few dollars here and there, it would make sense’.” It just falls off the table. It won’t feed anyone. It’s not going to create any long-term sustainability. We believe in the power of ‘collective action’ because we know we’re trying to change systems that keep people poor. “

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