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Surprisingly, once Wilson's Bezos Didn’t go

Star Trek Pretty cool Most of the time, isn’t it? Space travel and exploring the stars sounds like a dream, but one that we can’t live to see. Unless you have Jeff Bezos, of course, and a new one Live Saturday night The sketch reminds us how much it is Sucking That’s just elite Gets space experience.

Owen Wilson, as the first guest of his 47th season, had a sketch at last night’s premiere that looked Marvel’s Loki Take on the role of Jeff Bezos, former CEO of Amazon, cleverly named Star Trek: Ego Quest, Bezos is the captain wearing the SS cowboy hat New invoice. No ship is complete without its crew, and the Bezos include his younger brother Mark (played by Wilson’s brother Luke), Dutch 18-year-old Oliver Damon, and astronaut Wally Funk! The trio joined the Bezos space flight last July. “Their mission,” narrator Inton says, “is just to fly around in a ship that looks like a penis.” Join its prestigious Paramount + lineup Star Trek Shows In 2023, naturally.

As Star Trek Sketch, it’s pretty funny. Wilson became so obsessed that he wandered around with Bezos Richard Branson for a while, and the pair crashed into the space station and ignited their wealth. Without a pretty solid dig about Amazon Good report Poor treatment Its staff, The best moment comes with Elon Musk (Mikey Day) and his SpaceX space cameo. She smiles like a strange shaking musk.

Wilson’s other Amazon-related sketches are probably too strange for his own good. It starts with him and a group of friends try to share their checks equally. As Wilson’s orders became larger and more unrecognizable, things took a turn to the left and brought the Nazis into the picture. It is supposed to be an excavation of Amazon Prime Various TV shows, But Punchline takes a little longer to get there. So basically, it’s a value SNL Sketch

Still, Wilson Star Trek The sketch comes just in time. At the end of October 28, Great Will hit Paramount + and will be the first kids show for the series. November 18, next month Discovery Will come back for him Fourth season. Star Trek The other two big shows-Strange new world And its second season Picard– Both will get land in 2022.

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