Weakons Equi 360 Camera Review: General but limited

That was last year The worst time to turn on a 360 degree camera is to capture 360 ​​views for you and all your friends to have fun! It wasn’t just 2020.

Somehow, Veknos, a brand Cut The Japanese company Rikoh was able to survive the social life epidemic collapse and is increasingly improving its IQE 360 camera. Unlike most 360 cameras, this is not an action camera. The company has recently released a new version available in more new colors and more importantly a significant update to its collaborative app.

Overcoming obstacles

3 36060-degree content still hits mainstream popularity because these cameras are not easy to operate. Unlike any video captured on a smartphone or regular camera, 360 footage needs to be leveled before being shared online. Ideal “miniature globe” spherical images are the most common form of 360 photos because they are the easiest to share.

Facebook is an exception to this rule. It allows you to share your 360 images so your friends can pan and explore but and let’s face it, do you want to tweet video footage before uploading to video? Enough friction to keep most people away.

Where a hold of 360 footage has been found in the action camera market. This is partly because the major camera brands in this category prefer it Gopro And Insta 360, Has revealed 360 cameras, but it is also a natural fit. When you press a camera to your head and point your mountain bike down a 30-degree slope, you have no idea what the story might be. The title scene may be good footage as you delete it, but you may also miss the reason for the deletion – the Saskatche on the left outside the camera’s viewing area.

If you have a 3 360-degree view of the scene, you can go back and use the editing software to pan inside those 3 and 0 footage, highlight Saskatchew, and then pan back to show yourself going up the heel.

Video editing is complex and time consuming, and most of the software you need usually requires more powerful (and more expensive) hardware to run. The YouTube channels you follow make everything look professional, simple and effortless? These guys do a ton of work – the rest of the work will not just share 3 360-degree footage with our 20 Instagram friends.

The goal of the Veknos Equi Camera is to make the process of capturing and sharing 36030 photos and videos easier by removing most of the obstacles to achieve this first goal.

More cameras, less distortion

IQ goes a long way in creating 360 cameras that reach the non-professional, non-action-cam-loving market. Perhaps the best strategy is that it is probably the only 360 camera that will not require any manual for your use.

The design is simple and intuitive. There are three buttons: power, shutter and a switch to toggle between video and still images. Not only will you discover for yourself that you need to hold the toggle button to pair IQ with your phone, but the app will follow you.

The simplicity is great, but IQ uses a proprietary charging plug. It’s not a contract breaker, but it’s annoying. Worse, you have a USB-C port at the bottom of the adapter attached to the bottom of the Equi and it moves to a stand that keeps it upright. But … you need to keep it by your side to recharge it. If you can’t charge in that adaptation, why is there a charging base to hold the camera straight? By keeping it flat, you see the lens at risk of scratching and there are many lenses to scratch.

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