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Avan Yogia and Keya Skodellaro Leon S.

Perhaps Leon and Claire are going to get scared.
Pictures: Sony Pictures via IGN

Although Resident Evil The game franchise has certainly come out of its own particularly varied and weird kind of horror – from today Presidential zombie attack Per Very tall woman– The adaptation of the film is very fast They went to their own dead things. Now, the latest attempt to reboot the big screen story is trying to bring it closer to where it started.

Talking to IGN Related Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City– Don’t be confused about the upcoming Netflix live-action TV seriesJo director Johannes Roberts insisted that his film was more than a clean break from the past Resident Evil Movies, but an attempt to bring it back to the horrible roots of the franchise in the first place. This means a loose adaptation of the first two events Resident Evil Game, details of Elite Speak Ops Unit Stars’ investigation Mysterious Spencer Mansion, And Claire Redfield (Keya Scodellaro) and Rookie Police Leon S. Kennedy (Avon Yogia) Too Bad day in the town of Tytler.

“It was all about getting back into the game and making a movie that was a lot more horror than the sci-fi action of previous movies. I was particularly impressed by the remake of the second game and I really wanted to capture its atmosphere-soaked melody. It was very cinematic, “Roberts told IGN.” The previous movies were very bright and shiny, where this movie was dark and touching, shot entirely at night. There were – we shot a lot using Zoom! And there are no drone shots or crazy CGI camera shots in the movie which is physically impossible.It has a very old school retro feeling in the movie.

Resident Evil's new live-action movie titled 'Horrible Roots' returns to photo games

Pictures: Sony Pictures via IGN

There is of course a retrospective feeling for the first pictures published with Roberts ’commentary. Classic Resident Evil The characters are all here Along with Leon and Claire, Stars star Chris Redfield (Robbie Amel), Jill Valentine (Hannah John-Kamen), And the shady Albert Wesker (Tom Hopper). Everything is dark and dirty, the costumes, at least, the faithful reef on things worn both the original game and the recent remake Resident Evil 2. The palace is good to see, a palace. That’s not exactly the glitter of Anderson’s action movie, but at least Roberts ’intent.

“Whenever we looked at the character and the animals and the position, we would come back to the game. This was our guide. I said that before working very closely with Capcom, ”Roberts continued. “Every character and animal came from the game and I wanted to be as faithful as possible. I wanted to create a truly immersive feeling for the fans. But it became the hardest part of adapting to a piece of IP because I just didn’t want to put the game on screen – it had to be the living breathing character and the animal (and of course the zombie!) Own thing. ”

We’ll see how successful the Roberts Games are and come out of the shadows of the previous two Resident Evil When the movie Welcome to Raccoon City Hits theaters. It is currently slated for release on November 2 in the United States

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