Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

There’s no shortage of app-connected, camera-enabled doorbells on the market, and now there’s one more, this time with IoT company Wemo, a subsidiary of Belkin International. Wemo smart video doorbell available To order today And for the self-installation option it costs $ 250.

Android Family, Take Note: Wemo Doorbell works exclusively with Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video and is powered by the home app for the iPad, iPhone and Mac. The system requires an iCloud plan and a homepod, Apple TV, or iPad to be established as a home hub.

Wemo’s smart video doorbell has a 178-degree field of view, 4MP camera and low-light sensitivity for night recording. Because it is integrated with HomeKit, Wemo Doorbell can identify specific audiences using Apple’s face-recognition software, and all recordings, including 10-day motion-based video history, are securely stored on the Home app.

Wemo is doubling (tripling?) The Apple ecosystem – the third device in its lineup to take advantage of HomeKit, which works exclusively with iOS and iPadOS. The Wemo stage Light regulator and Smart plug Also depends on the homekit.

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