We’re still spending a record amount a year on gaming, into an epidemic

Video game sales are still there Record broken About a year after the COVID-19 epidemic, many people were forced to stay indoors. The NPD Group Video game spending in the United States rose 16 percent in March 2021 from a year earlier, to a record $ 7.6 billion. Hardware sales in particular jumped 47 percent to 80 680 million, breaking a March record that has not been touched since 2008 – yes, the successors to Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the new consoles helped boost hardware growth, but it wasn’t among the newer models. The PlayStation 5 Both the dollar and the unit are the best-selling consoles in U.S. history, NPD said. However, it was not the strongest seller in March – the honor went to four-year-old Ann.Purpose switch, Which surpassed the PS5 in free volume. NPD did not mention Xbox Series X. Or s Performance.

Sony PS5 Dualsense controller Led by ancillary sales in dollar terms.

The games may provide insight into why the switch was put forward despite the technically stronger competition. You won’t be surprised to hear this though Call of Duty: Black Ops Rock War Game sales topped for March and the quarter, with the second most popular game being simply Switch- Rise of the Monster Hunter. Moreover, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Despite being launched in April 2017, Switch still ranks sixth on the list Parents are keen to keep their kids entertained.

The PS5 and newer Xboxes, meanwhile, have been hampered by a combination of these Short supply And high prices. They are currently enthusiastic and most appealing to early adopters. This should change as the crisis eases and the price goes down, but you won’t soon see this switch in a state of disrepair.

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