Weymour has two new CEOs, one of whom is a woman of color

Five-and-a-half years after leading the alphabet Fully autonomous driving John Krafek, CEO of the unit, Wemor, plans to hand over the management of the company to two of his colleagues. On Friday, Krafek said he left Wemo in the hands of Tekedra Mawakana and Dmitry Dolgov. The two executives previously served as the company’s COO and CTO, respectively. They’ve been at Wemo for several years, dating back to 2009 during the Dolgov era when the unit was under Google’s umbrella. The move is significant in that it ranks the top color woman in one of the world’s top autonomous vehicle technology companies.


Kraffak says he will continue to work as an advisor to Wyoming, but it looks like he wants to take a break from the world of technology. “To get started, I’m looking forward to a fresh time, reconnecting with old friends and family and discovering new parts of the world,” he said. Blog post Announcing his departure. Grafic described his time at Wemo as the “capstone” of his career.

E.g. CNBC Comments, One of the key determinants of the time of the graphic at Weimo is that he adopted the measurement method to measure it recently launched the company’s Weimo One service. Phoenix Public And start Checking vehicles in San Francisco. When he was interviewed by the media, Kraffick emphasized the importance of making his often autonomous vehicles as safe as possible. “Part of our responsibility at WeMo is to make sure the world, the cities we operate and the regulators that control the cities understand our technology,” he told the network shortly after Uber tested an autonomous car in Arizona. Injured and killed a pedestrian In 2018.

In Wemor’s legacy, Maokana and Dolgov wanted to continue the work started by Grafic, and through words, perhaps accelerated it as well. The two said in a joint statement, “We are committed to creating, deploying, and commercializing Wemo drivers and working alongside you in our incredible team and the success of this organization.” “We’re encouraged by the roads and opportunities in front of us.”

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