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Zendaya's Chani and Timothée Chalamet Paul are floating in the air and wearing black clothes.

Wait, Paul didn’t have blue eyes Dunn Part 1? Okay, because he wasn’t a Freeman … yet.
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At least director Denis Villeneuve is pioneering about it. Before you see much His new film Hill, Written on the opening title card “Dunn Part 1“It’s an acknowledgment that what you’re going to see isn’t the whole story – and in the end, whether you like the picture or not, You will certainly be curious what comes next.

These answers are fairly easy to find. Just go get a copy of Frank Herbert Hill, Which was originally published in 1965 and It has been fully adapted several times before. But as anyone Tried to read once Hill And received about 30 pages Before holding it for a few years, I know it’s not the easiest question to ask. Even adaptation can, at times, make things desirable. So io9 is here to help. Below, read how Dunn Part 1 Teases its possible sequel and what would happen in that movie if Warner Bros. decides to greenlight it, which it hasn’t done yet (but it does All but sure At the moment).

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Where does Tune Part 1 end?

Before the previous one. Why the end Dunn Part 1 Where does it go, Paul just meets Fremen? Simple: It’s Paul’s story. For the most part, Villeneuve’s adaptation Hill Focusing on the young Paul Atreudes (Timothy Chalamate), a teenager is forced to leave his Kaladan homeworld and move to the desert planet Aracis. Paul, son of a Duke (Oscar Isaac) and Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) – Member of a powerful religious group Well doneআছেHave a vision of this planet and see the dangers and possibilities inherent there. Throughout the movie, those perspectives persist, and some of them come true, and after losing his father and most of his Atreus army in battle with the evil Harkonens, he finds safety in the Arakis Desert, a wild, unknown land. Occupied by an equally mysterious group called Fremen. Fremans live and thrive in the desert through discipline and tradition. The tradition that compels Paul to kill one of his teammates in a battle called Jamis (Bobs Olusanmokun). Paul’s victory confirms that he and his mother have a place with Freeman, if he chooses, and Paul chooses. He says his future is in the desert.

So that’s where Dunn Part 1 The last Paul, his mother and a group of Freemen including a leader named Stilger (Javier Bardem) and a young woman named Chani (Zendaya) are traveling in the desert. Throughout the film, there is a vision of Paul Channy, who seems to have played a big role in his decision to go with Freeman. And this choice is basically why this movie ends there. It’s about developing Paul’s character. For the whole movie, he wasn’t sure what his purpose was. Is he supposed to be the military and political leader of the House Atroids like his father? Or an important religious figure like his mother’s advice? Paul’s decision to go with Freeman marks an important moment in his story এখানে this is where he takes control of his own destiny.

Javier Bardem as Dune Steeler.

Javier Bardem’s Freeman leader Stiglar is a huge character in the rest Hill Story.
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What will happen in between Dunn Part 2?

Part 2 Then, Paul will meet his destiny, and the first movie is filled with hints at what is coming. Paul talks about a conspiracy to overthrow the emperor by marrying one of his daughters. There is a scene of Paul fighting with the Freemans where his trademark blue eyes. In many of his dreams he and Channy are seen shaking across Arachis, clearly exploring a kind of romance. Freiman whispers ancient prophecies involving a boy and his mother coming to their planet, and Paul mentions to his mother that he knows he is pregnant with a daughter.

All these issues should come to light Dunn Part 2. Villeneuve tweaked the story a bit, ending the ending a bit differently (in the book, defeating James at Paul Freimann’s house, called Siech, not soon after they met) and Part 2 Perhaps Paul could reach Sietz and deal with the consequences of that victory. Death is no small matter to Freeman, and Paul has to take over not only James’ family, but also his wife and children. He struggles with it but also embraces it and this is the first of many, many works that make him a favorite with Freeman. Also, those ancient prophecies of a great, spiritual leader began to come true.

Embrace and enjoy the life of Paul Freeman, quickly rising the ranks to become their de facto leader যা that is, Hmmm– ends in one of the most famous scenes in the series, where he finally climbs a shelf. Along the way, she and Channy also fell in love and gave birth to a child. From there, Paul’s full Freeman life gives him the confidence to devise a plan just to overthrow the Harkonen leader who put Arakis after the assassination of Emperor Duke Leto, but the emperor himself. Major Spoiler Warning: After a huge battle, it works. Paul and Freeman are victorious, although Paul and Channy’s children are killed in battle. Paul then basically forced the emperor to marry his daughter, Princess Irulan, which ensured his ascension to the throne. An eruption that Paul predicted could be extremely damaging to the galaxy.

Garni Halek of Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin’s Garni Halek has disappeared in the first part, but he will return.
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Who are the important characters Dunn Part 2?

Much more could come in the second half, including a focus on new and existing characters. Stalgar of Bardem is a huge player in this half, Garni Halek of Josh Brolin makes a comeback, and most importantly, Paul’s sister Alia was born. She is one of the most fascinating characters in the whole series because at the time of her birth she has already got the mind of every Bene Geserit who was once a respected mother. This makes him a bit scary, very strong and extremely important for the final finish Hill And books to follow.

There will be one Dunn Part 3?

There are many more books, so yes, maybe. Although basically all Dunn Part 2 Paul sees his destiny fulfilled and becomes the emperor of the galaxy, a kind of cliffhanger. What does he do when he gets that power? Well, Villeneuve says, if the two movies do well, He also wants to do Herbert’s second book, Dun Messiah. That book, just like that Dunn Part 1, About the journey of Paul Atreides too. Again, this is much more complicated than that (Cough The rebirth of Duncan Idaho Cough) –Hill As a franchise Continues in many other books—But Paul’s story, for the most part, ends Messiah. As far as we know, the villain seems to be most interested in telling the full story of Paul Atreides, most of whom are set Dunn Part 1, But most of which will pay off Dunn Part 2.

Dunn Part 1 Now in theaters and at HBO Max. Part 2 There are rumors of shooting next year if it gets the green light.

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