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Marvel's Eternals cast poster has been cropped.

Pictures: Marvel Studios

Marvel’s Eternal It finally hit theaters this weekend, and it’s … everywhere. Moreso is usually more than MCU movies, I mean. Critics who first saw the film weren’t really enthusiastic about it, and they respect that director Chloe Zhao did his best to keep it. Oscar winner Directions when working in huge Marvel machinery. Our own Revaluation Thought it was a movie both incredibly ambitious and restrained from the fact that it was another arm of the growing MCU megafranchise. The result has been widely publicized as the lowest rated MCU film in Rotten Tomatoes at 48%.

Although it is going well with 84% of viewers; Or rather, listeners who just don’t boost MCU content all the time on Twitter. While viewers also agree that yes, it’s probably taking some big shocks that disagree with how Marvel has managed so far, it has gotten a pretty good cast and handled well most of the time. The moments where the film excels and all its parts come together are equally frustrating because it’s not as weird as it could be and it features disguised CGs or villains who don’t feel the need to stay here to make the movie a success.

Only time will tell whether Eternals like other MCU newcomers Shang-chi Or Yelena Belova There are terms Financial. No doubt we’ll see these characters again — you don’t have two Post-credit scene If you have just made a plan and done it — but another film or Disney + series remains to be seen. In the meantime, tell us what You Think about eternity. Were you fascinated by the film? Did you hate it? Did you think that Gilgamesh’s character needed a significantly more Don Lee in the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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