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On Tuesday 18 January at 19:30 GMT:
Some may think of a prison as a place of punishment and a deterrent to crime. But do prisons really rehabilitate prisoners, and does it make societies any safer?

Many proponents of imprisonment believe that prisons centered on retaliation are counterproductive to public safety. They call for a more humane approach that recognizes the humanity of convicted criminals, rehabilitates them and gives them skills for an ultimate life outside of prison.

People living in prisons often suffer from a lack of privacy, do not have appropriate access to family members, and other stressors that can harm those who may already be suffering from trauma or mental health issues.

In this episode of The Stream we are going to look at prison systems, their impact on the inmates and those who are making the case for rehabilitative imprisonment.

In this episode of The Stream we talk to:
Pia Puolakka
Forensic psychologist

Fritzi Horstman, @fritzihorstman @PrisonKind
Founder, Compassion Prison Project

Teresa Njoroge, @teresanjoroge @CleanStartKenya
Founds a HUB, Clean Start Kenya

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