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It is widely acknowledged that a movie star who has a bankable reputation wants an approval contract. And in terms of reputations, there is little more bankable than Ryan Gosling‘s, which has just been filmed The gray man, reportedly, the most expensive movie ever made by Netflix.

Gosling’s great gift is his ability to portray the chiaroscuro of character. Like real people, the roles he plays are not good or evil, but a combination of the two. At their extreme, they are violent and vulnerable, tender and frightening. He can bring in a visible cigarette that is seemingly genetically attached to the lower lip, or a half-eaten slice of pizza, with an air of unwanted desire. This is a man who can make a toilet duck aspirant. This is the power of the movie star, a power that Gosling has been reluctant to exploit … until now.

TAG Heuer Steel Carrera Day Date, £ 2,400

TAG Heuer Steel Carrera Day Date, £ 2,400

The announcement by whom Gosling was signed Day, this year is a significant coup for the brand’s CEO Frédéric Arnault. Not since Steve McQueen wore a Monaco and a race suit with a Heuer cloth has the brand had an ambassador who has such an abundance of laconic coolness, if not too much of an oxymoron.

“I never really had a connection to the brands I had the opportunity to work with before,” says Gosling of the partnership, his familiar, low, thoughtful voice softened by a slight Canadian burr. ‘But working with TAG Heuer was an easy decision. They are an iconic brand. They have been quiet and consistently a pillar of excellence in their field for over 160 years. And you know, time is generally just something I think about now. I have two young children, and they are growing up fast. So I keep an eye on the watch in a way that I have never been before. “

“Of course I can not speak on his behalf, but as far as I know, it’s not about money,” Arnault added. ‘Other brands offered him more than we did. But compared to perfume and fashion, watches look more to him. He said: “When I work with you, I want to do a watch for design and artistic reasons.”

Ryan Gosling wears Tag Heuer Carrera 160-year limited edition automatic chronograph, £ 5,295
Ryan Gosling wears Tag Heuer Carrera 160-year limited edition automatic chronograph, £ 5,295 © Pari Dukovic for Tag Heuer

“I think my interest in watches has evolved over time,” Gosling adds. ‘When I was a kid, I used to think it’s a symbol of important things to do and people to see; I would see people watching their watches, and it would make me wonder what exciting things they have going on. I also wanted such a life. ”

Given its talismanic power as a portal to the adult world, a watch was one of the first things he bought with his own money. ‘It was a digital Casio with Hulk Hogan on it. Because nothing says I’m a grown man with important things to do like a watch, ‘he says.

By working in film, he valued the clock as an indicator. ‘Before you start the production, a prop person comes to an actor and asks them if they think their character is wearing a watch? And if so, what kind? Only when the prop department approached me with the idea did it even occur to me that a watch could indicate something about a character.

He has since regarded the watch as a co-star with whom he shares the scene. “With Row“I wanted the most readable and cleanest watch the prop had,” he says of the fake Patek Philippe carried by the nameless character. ‘I had the idea that the character would attach his watch to the steering wheel because he would not necessarily trust the readability or reliability of the watch in the car. It’s funny now: with TAG Heuer, I realized that Jack Heuer had a fixation with readability and readability as a result of a race in which he went from first to third because he could not read the clock in the car.

The silver sunbeam brushed knob on the TAG Heuer steel Carrera Day Date

The silver sunbeam brushed knob on the TAG Heuer steel Carrera Day Date

Like McQueen before him, Gosling’s love of cars and motorcycles brings him closer to the brand. ‘Ever since I rode my BMX in my neighborhood as a child, I have had a connection to vehicles, the freedom they offer and autonomy. I imagine that many people at some point in their lives have an emotional bond with a car, whether it’s the first car you’ve had with your family, or the first car you’ve ever bought, or ‘calls the opening scene of La La Land, “The car in which you commute to work, and hate. They become characters in our lives. I also think they are excellent characters in movies. I have a connection with them in my life and also in my work. “He still has motorcycles from A place beyond the pine trees and his car from Row.

It remains to be seen what souvenirs he will take home The gray man, in which his character’s part of this CIA program, where they take prisoners out of jail and use them for work where an ex-con can be more helpful than a more polished agent. I like the character a lot because he is a similar character in a digital world. An analog character wearing a trident TAG Heuer Carrera.

Hype surround The gray man describes that it has a Bond-like franchise potential. So I ask if the clock in the best traditions of gadgetry turns into a spaceship or deflects speed bullets. “It’s pushed through the wringer over the course of the film, but it does not become a spaceship.” This is followed by a classic Gosling break, so pregnant that it can carry triplets. “At least not yet … But it’s an interesting idea.”

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