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Minneapolis police chief has been charged with testifying in the trial of Chauvin’s murder in the George Floyd murder case.

The testimony of powerful witnesses and new videos have made a highlight of the week in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Of the 19 witnesses who testified, 10 were witnesses at the scene, as well as Floyd’s girlfriend, two paramedics and firefighters who tried unsuccessfully to recover Floyd – and a senior police officer in the Minneapolis Police Department who said Chauvin’s actions were “completely unnecessary.” It was too Strong week On behalf of the prosecutor’s office, the witness testified that he had left several witnesses to Floyd’s death in tears.

So what can we expect in week two?

As the case was brought back from the trial session on Monday morning, the prosecution continued to prosecute him Fourteen. Judge Peter Cahill did not release the list for eyewitness accounts, so journalists and viewers only know once they have been called.

What to see?

On Monday, prosecution stand Medaria Aradondo summoned the police chief of Minneapolis. It is a significant and unprecedented move for the police chief to testify against a former officer in a criminal case. Prosecutors said in their opening statement that he “would not pull the trigger.” He is believed to have said Chauvin’s actions were against the profession and the department Use of ball training.

Arandondo’s testimony is believed to be the beginning of a criminal trial in the use of force by Chauvin.

When will the defense start presenting their case?

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, many court observers have speculated that the lawsuit may be filed this week – probably early Wednesday.

When Chauvin’s team calls witnesses, what can the jury expect to hear?

Within a week, Chauvin’s defense attorney, Eric Nelson, tried to sow the seeds of suspicion in the minds of the jury. Did Floyd resist arrest? Was The crowd gathered The 38th and Chicago (approximately 12) officers are becoming increasingly hostile? These are the main questions, but the main point of the defense case will come down to a general question: How did Floyd die? The defense would argue that he died of drug use and heart failure. To do this they will probably call on expert witnesses to argue this point and make the trial more technical and less sensitive.

Will the trial continue to be televised?

Yes. Judge Peter Cahill said the trial would be fully televised, but the camera shot could change if a minor testified to protect their identities – which he did one day last week for three witnesses, who were teenagers and nine years old. .

Judging the schedule?

Yes. In fact, Judge Cahill said it was before the schedule. It was estimated before the trial began Lasting at least four weeks. However, there are indications that it may go to the jury for earlier discussion.

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