WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has just begun. Here’s what you need to know

In the beginning Of the year, WhatsApp The seemingly mundane steps to update its terms of use and privacy policy were largely focused on the business offerings of the app. The changes elicit a great response, although they are inadvertently highlighted WhatsApp’s many years old policy Of Sharing specific user data, such as phone numbers, with the parent company Facebook. Instead of changing the policy that sparked the controversy, it changed the deadline for WhatsApp users to accept Saturdays from the original February date. If you don’t? WhatsApp will be useless.

But not at once. If you haven’t received the new policy right now, you’ll see more pop-ups on WhatsApp with a big green recognition button at the bottom to outline the change. If you tap it, WhatsApp will continue to share data from your specific account with Facebook. If you do not agree, you will first be able to hit a back arrow in the upper left corner of the overlay. Over time, pop-ups will appear more frequently. Eventually you will not be able to click right now and the application will start to lose its effectiveness.

WhatsApp originally hinted in February that anyone who denied the updates would lose immediate effectiveness. However, the company kept the wheels off the car very slowly for a few weeks before the app stopped working completely by monitoring in a ditch.

“Over the past several weeks we’ve posted a notice on WhatsApp to provide more information about the update,” the company said in a statement. Statement. “After giving everyone time to review, we are reminding those who have not had the opportunity to review and accept them. After several weeks, the reminders received by the people will finally settle down. “

Once you’ve reached the point where WhatsApp has plastered its policy notification over its interface, you’ll still be able to use the app for a while. For example, you’ll be able to field incoming calls and read and respond to messages when your notifications are turned on. However, you will not be able to view your chat list or initiate any communication with WhatsApp friends, as any privacy policy update will block your path again. After a few weeks of this hangover experience, WhatsApp will pull the plug completely and you will no longer receive calls or messages.

The reality is that for most users, accepting privacy policy changes doesn’t affect their interaction with WhatsApp very much. All communication will still be on WhatsApp Encrypted from edge to end By default, this means that your messages and photos are only visible to you and the users you chat with. And WhatsApp still can’t access any of your contacts or share them with Facebook. Meanwhile WhatsApp Willpower Be able to share user account information such as your phone number, how long and for how long you use WhatsApp, device identifier, IP address and other details about your device with Facebook. Plus, WhatsApp Can share Transaction and payment data, cookies and location information with Facebook if you allow. All of this has been true since 2016.

The power of response probably caught WhatsApp off-guard, reminding users of existing policies rather than creating a new one. Messaging app Telegram, a few days after WhatsApp first announced the changes in January Dr. It has earned millions of users and Signal ProudUnprecedented”Increase. In an attempt Bleeding is severe, WhatsApp delayed the full rollout of the new policy for months so users could learn more about the changes.

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