White House, Uber and Left team form team for free CVV-19 vaccination site

President Joe Biden is there Announcement A partnership with Uber and Lift to offer free and discounted ride to everyone in the United States COVID-19 Vaccination site. The program will begin in the next two weeks and run until July 4.

Ride-sharing companies will tell users that they can travel to and from thousands of vaccination sites at little cost. You can pick up a vaccination site nearby and redeem free rides. The Beadon administration has set a goal of taking at least one dose of Independence Day for 70 percent of the adult population, and this partnership will certainly help.

It builds on the free and discounted ride-driven programs that Uber and Laft have been running in recent months. Uber and Walgreens have teamed up A few initiativesIncluding A vaccine access fund Allows people to cover vaccination sites and the cost of climbing. Last month, Uber added the option Book a vaccine appointment Direct application. There is also an elevator Free ride offer Corporate sponsors and private grants fund their needy people at vaccine sites.

“Vaccines are our best hope to defeat this epidemic and soon everyone in America will be able to get a free Uber to shoot them,” said Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber CEO Dr. In a statement. “We are honored to partner with the White House and Lift to deepen our previous global commitments and provide free travel to vaccination sites across the United States.”

Lifting Says By May 24th, users can claim a ride code, which covers উপ 15 rides in every way on the vaccine site. It expects it to spend most of the rent but that’s not all. You can use a code to ride a rider, bike or scooter when opening a general pharmacy from 6PM to 8PM. You will be able to claim any code through the Lyft application or website.

“We are proud to be the key to getting all of us back, and to do our part to move the country forward,” said John Zimmer, co-founder and president of Lift.

The White House is continuing its efforts to meet the July 4 target. It will work with community colleges to open vaccine sites on campus and further support the community, so that people can make grassroots efforts to get vaccinated.

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