White shook Germany’s successor by claiming Merkel’s crown

Marcus Sader told a television interviewer on Sunday evening that trying to make Angela Merkel a success as German chancellor was never his “life plan.” But now he has rejected it and concluded, “I have to do my duty.”

“The views I have received, and the expectations of many in Germany and in the polls, play an important role – if not in absolute decision-making,” Bavarian Prime Minister ADD told TV.

Sader was speaking a few hours later Turn on a curveball Which has pushed the entire German political establishment out of balance and threatened to plunge the post-Merkel legacy into chaos.

The Bavarians have expressed a desire to run as Christian Democrats as chancellor in this September’s Bundestag election. He will compete Armin Lashet, Leader of the Christian Democratic Union – previously considered a favorite for this role.

By announcing his move, White further strengthened his reputation as a major disruptor to German politics. It has long been speculated that the CDU leader, not his Bavarian sister party CSU chairman, could be a candidate for chancellor. But the coronavirus epidemic has thrown a spanner into the works – giving White a chance to open up once in a lifetime.

Blame it on the government Covid policies run incorrectly – and especially the slow pace of vaccines – CDU voting time has dropped, while Lashchech’s approval rating is the lowest among any German politician.

Concerns are growing among CDU MPs that the party could face defeat in September. “People are looking at the vote and thinking that if Lachette is our candidate they could lose their seats,” one said.

Such fears are persuading many Christian Democrats to see white as a white knight who can rescue them. “With each passing day, the mood is changing for the better,” the MP said. “Lashech’s support in the parliamentary group is rapidly declining.”

A rambunctious populist With a reputation as a political figure-shifter, Saddar, Germany’s least popular regional governor two years ago, did not seek the job of German vice-chancellor – at least not long ago. Most thought his ambitions ceased to be the leadership of the CSU, which he adopted in 2019 and the ruler of his homeland.

The epidemic, however, turned him into a politician of national stature, seemingly denying gravity with ratings of approval. A highly effective crisis manager, he provided sharp contrasts with Lashett, the governor of the large state of North Rhine-Westphalia, who was often hesitant and hesitant.

“The temptation to be a truly historic historical figure is great, and Sadder is definitely giving it a go,” says Roman Deinger, author. Marcus White: Shadow Chancellor.

“The scent of power is pulling him.”

On Sunday evening, Sadder acknowledged that his strong poll rating had influenced his management decision. “They always play a role,” he said. “Make no mistake, an election is taking place in five months and the situation in CDU / CSU is dire. You can’t just delete it. “

After 16 years with Merkel as chancellor, she said, voters are now beginning to feel that it is time to run for another party. “There’s a danger that people are in a mood for change now,” he said.

Armin Lashe provides continuity with Merkel’s middle-of-the-line policies and maintains a large CDU fan base.

Sunday’s decision was a long one. Earlier, when asked if she wanted Merkel to succeed, Sader always said her “place was in Bavaria.” Gradually, however, the argument changed. He told an interviewer last week that “Today My place in Bavaria. ” He was asked if this would happen even after the September election. “My place is everywhere,” he replied, shouting.

Sadder’s cocaine was a disaster for Lashett, who hoped that the path to the top of his power would be much smoother. A temperamental, easy-going Rhinelander, he was elected CDU boss in January, a sure-fire spring board at the Chancelleries in general.

But he didn’t count with Sadder, hinting at his constant pose and running for Jibes and Chanelsela. It all came to a head on Saturday when he and Lashete spoke on the phone on Saturday and, according to Sadder, “realized we were both fit and both” to run.

The decision on who is the joint CDU / CSU candidate is now largely in the hands of the CDU’s strong steering committee, which meets on Monday. Sader himself said Sunday that it all depends on whether the CDU “wants the CDU” as their candidate or as a candidate for Lashchek.

On the other hand, it may be the moment when the CDU seniors decide that Cedar could be a better choice. If they do, Monday will be the day they reach that conclusion.

Many are loyal to Lashet. “CDU officials are annoyed by Sadar – his cockroaches, his jabs against Lashett and all his ideas about Corona.”

And Lachett, who is consistent with Merkel’s middle-street policies, maintains a large fan base at CDU. “Everyone knew that the election of his party’s chairperson in January was also a decision Chancellor Question, ”said an MP who was a supporter of Lachet, referring to the job of a chancellor.

“We can’t change our minds right now based on some polls – it really makes us look invisible.”

The corpse is facing pain for some time. The CDU has recently won a narrow victory in the leadership contest against the Conservatives Friedrich Merz, He must now be ready for the battle of political life as he runs to secure the support of the ruling bigwigs of the CDU.

Some CDU MPs have already made up their minds. “Whoever has the highest approval rating with voters should be our candidate for chancellor,” said Christian von Staten, a CDU backbencher. “It’s definitely Marcus White.”

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