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Trees of the Madrigal family of Encantor

Pictures: Disney

Who has the Encanto family tree?

Disney Charm In its power it has become one of the most beloved animated features of the studios Fantastic song (Written by Lynn-Manuel Miranda), amazing animation (directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush), and a heartwarming story about a girl who doesn’t feel special in her extraordinary family.

Released in theaters in November 2021, the movie tells the story of Mirabel Madrigal and his extended family, who live together in a small village in Colombia. Every member of the family is 6 except Mirabel Born with a magical giftAnd Mirabelle must face her fate and her family’s expectations in order to save the family and their home.

Mirabel though CharmIts central protagonist, his family, plays an important role in making his journey relevant and embodied Movies I sat down with the theme io9 CharmIts creative team, and they explain how every power in Madrid reflects the elements that are important to them as human beings.

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