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Diablo II A game that makes the clutch mean something of an “instant classic” again. When it launched in 2000, the game’s scalface aesthetics, extensive gameplay system and infinite build customization options immediately made it one of the best. PC games All the time. Of course, there were bugs in it. And it was the players who complained loudly (so loudly) about them. But that did not stick to the people Diablo II. That’s when they saw a monster crossbow with a 1-in-60,000 drop rate among the Halls dead. Or when they stumble upon the perfect necromancer build Explode a pile of dead zombies To kill even bigger zombies standing in the zone.

Twenty years later, there were some tough questions to fight with the developers who rebuilt the legendary game – namely, the famous challenging RPG sucking in the good way, and what about sucking in the bad way. Their answer, Diablo II: Resurrected, Released September 23 for PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

“Game studios today have a tendency to sand a lot of hard edges,” said Rob Gallerani. Diablo II: Resurrected Chief designer. “If we were to create a modern game, we would be able to see the heat map of everyone who died in this one place.” Platestar, Focus Tester, and potentially even neurologists can provide feedback-like feedback for Game Studio. Wow, that death trap is a naughty one. “It would be seen as something to fix,” Gallerani said. But for Vicarious Visions, acquired by a 30-year-old game studio Activation Blizzard In 2005, the reforms Diablo II Seeing the game through the eyes of a 1990s game developer. Diablo II It was difficult because there were not only legends; It was a legend because the players enjoyed it hard for themselves. They couldn’t optimize the fun from it.

“People remember those spooky bits,” Gallerani said. The parts where people like, ‘Oh my God, did you hit this one thing?’ And then people bond and they decide how to do it. ”

It goes without saying that the developers kept All Spikey bit. It’s not as easy to recreate a genre-changing game as it was to recreate it. Diablo II: Resurrected Approximately, even improved, the game fans remember, not necessarily what they played. No one will criticize the addition of features like visual accessibility options, easy online partymaking and automatic gold pickup. And anyone, for whatever reason, can run against the gorgeous, upgraded 3D model of Vicarius Vision, toggling the game with its nearly 2000 look.

Diablo II: Resurrected Keeps many aspects of the original gameplay.

Courtesy of Blizzard

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