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Windows 11 will appeal to serious gamers.

Windows 11 On the way, it is bringing with it a new one Design and Eradicate Some features when adding new features. OhAmong the technologies that Microsoft’s next operating system is bringing, direct storage promises super-fast loading times. For next-gen SSD storage. Here’s what you need to know about technology before it arrives.

If you’ve heard of direct storage before, that’s it Because it has already merged with it Xbox Series X. And Xbox Series S. As part of the Xbox Velocity architecture system, Direct Storage does the same thing on gaming consoles as it does on Windows 11.The main reasons for the existence of DirectStorage:Enable faster reading and writing from data storage.

It is primarily a gaming technology that has evolved in response to the increasing size of games. All those huge open worlds and highly detailed textures need to be loaded into memory as soon as possible, and more traditional theatrical approaches are quickly reaching their limits (may offer longer loading times and extended cut scenes).

Technically, DirectStorage is a part of the DirectX12 specification that covers various media protocols. It is an API or application programming interface, a tool that developers can use to access hardware in a special way – and in this case, that special way is to improve disk access and increase loading time, during gameplay or within view.

DirectStore targets the most advanced types of storage specifically for PCs: NVMe SSDs, or non-volatile memory express solid-state drives.. The internal and external interpretation of the NVMe SSD is in itself a completely different guide, but the NVMe component is sufficient to increase the speed of communication between the computer’s permanent storage and the rest of the system.

Modern day games are built on a huge number of resources.

Modern day games are built on a huge number of resources.
Screenshot: CD Project Red

Direct storage is designed to take better advantage of that speed increase, eliminating the hassle of moving data and drives inside your computer. IIn other words, NVMe gives SSDs enough headroom to work close to their maximum potential.

There are several ways to improve DirectStore API performance. One is that it can combine input and output requests in batches, which means less overhead and more efficient operation. Including GPU Also becoming more powerful all the time, DirectStorage means a graphics card is slow and no need to wait because it tries to load resources from local storage.

The number of requests that can be processed at once is important, because developers often split their games into as small a code as possible, providing only the bits of the game world that you need at any given time. It helps with system resources, but it greatly increases the number of disk access requirements, and DirectStorage can take that extra advantage.

Another strategy of direct storage is the ability to reduce the involvement of the CPU When loading these game resources – they can be dragged directly from the NVMe drive, which again means more time for improved performance and CPU.

Where the name DirectStorage comes from: It cuts the CPU from the process, direct access to the NVMe SSD for the GPU. One of the main ways API can help here is to decompress files because they are pulled from NVME SSD without disturbing the CPU, giving it more advantage over the existing old storage technology.

“In this way, developers are given a much more efficient way to submit / handle orders for a much larger amount of IO requests than before, ultimately reducing your wait time for games and bringing you into a larger, more detailed virtual world that loads your game character. Move forward as fast as you can, Writes Andrew Young of Microsoft.

Windows 11 will have direct storage built-in.

Windows 11 will have direct storage built-in.
Screenshot: Microsoft

And with the new API, it’s like emphasizing more control over developers. Directstorage is flexible enough to be used by people coding games in a variety of ways, so additional hardware and software capabilities are used in a way that is specific to each title. Additional processing steps that are not required for a particular game can be omitted.

We’ve just discovered that DirectStorage will be available for Windows 10, Although Microsoft says that advanced storage stack optimization in Windows 11 means that the API is going to work best on the new operating system, less legacy from the old system needs to be considered.

Be able to use DirectStorage on you The home computer, you will need Windows 11 (or Windows 10), a new style NVME SSD, a compatible GPU and a game coded to take advantage of the storage API. Over time, more and more computers and more and more games should meet the requirements.

A compatible GPU means an RTX 2000 or RTX 3000 model from Nvidia or RDNA 2 GPU from AMD. To take advantage of directstorage, coded games will still run on hardware that does not meet the requirements of directstorage – it will not be able to optimize its loading times in all ways that the API can help.

Although the implementation and description of these APIs can become technologically fast, if you are able to sit on a DirectStorage-ready gaming PC in the near future, all you need to know is that updated technology should be loaded significantly faster and run smoothly to take advantage of new features. Should.

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