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First of all The video was uploaded by 24-year-old Midwestern Quinton Hoover to his YouTube channel in 2013. One minute and 48 seconds long; His next proposal lasted only nine seconds. Eight years later, Hoover’s most recent video, uploaded on November 8, is a breakdown of the Naftis Nickelodeon sitcom. The winnerIt lasts a total of five hours, 34 minutes and 59 seconds.

Who on earth would want to see an adult talk for about six hours on a TV show for children under three? Funny question, simple answer: 1.5 million people. Hoover The winner The video is only 23 minutes shorter than the first two Lord of the Rings Combined Movies; That’s five hours and 22 minutes longer Average videos posted on YouTube’s most popular channel. In it, Hoover repeats every single episode of the show via voiceover, playing with The winner Happy Mail toys with a clip-in hair extension and a plastic brush, and a blazer to muse on a microphone about whether the show exists on “Metavers”. It was a recipe for disaster that somehow turned into a feast for the eyes, but questions remain. What exactly persuaded someone to create a five-hour pop culture analysis video — and what motivated millions more to watch it?

Hoover’s video was not his first expedition to superlong content. In June, he drew 1.9 million viewers through “iBinged iCarly”, a four-hour, 45-minute video about another Nickelodeon show. Naturally, this was the first installment. Hoover’s second iCarly The analysis lasted three hours and 35 minutes, attracting millions more viewers. That’s more than eight hours iCarly Content “People call their video compositions. I don’t like the word, I think it’s really ghostly,” Hoover said. “I want to start calling them breakdowns, because it’s funny for a variety of reasons. I think it’s fair to call it a five-hour rent The winner A breakdown. “

Hoover is not the only creator who created this kind of “breakdown”, but before we get into that, let’s take a look at some ancient history. In 2012, the Pew Research Center found that “the average length of the most popular YouTube videos was two minutes and one second.” In 2019, when analyst and journalist Julia Alexander wrote “YouTube videos are getting longer“He mentions 20, 30 and 60 minute videos. Today, very few people would refer to a half-hour YouTube video as” long. “Hoover uploaded it the same month. The winner Feed me videos, YouTube Recommendation Box One hour, 52 minute analysis of teen drama Pretty Little Liars (Of course “Part 1”) and a An hour-long, 42-minute video about the history of Disney’s Fastpass Method. Altogether, these videos have been viewed by over 3 million people

The trend apparently started in January 2021, when a YouTuber named Action Button uploaded a Five-hour, 56-minute review Video game series Tokimeki Memorial, Although he did not hit the million-view mark. Later that month, YouTuber Jenny Nicholson released a two-hour, 33-minute video about the supernatural drama. Vampire Diaries And about 6 million views. “It’s actually my most watched video right now,” said Nicholson, 30, who lives in Los Angeles. “I certainly didn’t expect it to do as well as it did.”

Nicholson’s first videos, uploaded in 2011, were more than a minute long Over the years, they have slowly grown taller, until he released his first half-hour video (almost) The Greatest Showman) In 2018. More broadly, YouTube videos Regularly begins to cross the 10-minute mark Around 2016, when the platform’s algorithm apparently Begins to prioritize The “viewing time” on the view that led to PewDiePie, YouTube’s biggest creator, complaining: “If you want to make it on YouTube these days, just make long-ass videos, any kind of pacing, quality, any No, fuck that. ” Back then, videos had to hit 10 minutes to qualify for midroll advertising; Short videos can only run ads at the beginning and end. The more ads a video has, the more money a producer can make.

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