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Roland Emmerich, a white tee, blue jacket and labeled hat "Creator," It has a stylized camera lens sitting in front of a backboard with the logo.

Roland Emmerich speaks at the 15th Zurich Film Festival on September 29, 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland
Pictures: Andreas Rentz (Getty Images)

There is probably no greater opponent than the director of the world Roland Emerych. The man seems calm Destroy the planet, Or less See it being destroyed. Or maybe he just wants to see almost human civilization Completely erased. Either way, he has more on-screen footage of the earth being completely destroyed than anyone else alive. He is the unquestionable master of cinematic catastrophe, with Michael Bay In a remote second place.

He had his first big hit with 1994 Stargate, Emeritus Aliens destroyed 72 of the world’s largest cities Independence Day, Three billion people were killed. He was much more restrained in his horrific 1998 Godzilla The film, where the King of Demons only destroyed parts of New York City, then similarly sacred Patriot. But then he created the super-storm that destroyed the planet’s surface before it plunged into a new ice age in 2004. Next day, Which may have been the first city of humanity to be destroyed 10,000 BC, And then conquered the human race 900,000 people After terrorizing the earth violently 2012. After a few relatively less destructive movies ID4 The aliens attacked again Resurrection, Most destructive East coast of Eurasia and North America. Next month, Emerych is about to turn the planet brutally again Profit.

But why? According to Wikipedia“While cities are often accused of resorting to episodes of catastrophic catastrophe, Emmerich says it is a fair way to raise awareness of both global warming and the lack of government preparedness for a global doomsday situation.” Next day And 2012, Respectively. “This is a great idea, but no explanation supports destructive pornography. Independence Day Movies and Profit.

Probably the simplest answer is that the destroyed porn business is extremely lucrative. Even if we make movies consistently Most of the critics and viewers dislike it, Those listeners still see them. Independence Day: Resurrection While earning $ 390 million internationally Godzilla Net $ 380 million, Next day 50 550 million, and 2012 Earned nearly $ 800 million, yet none of these four movies had a critical or audience rating of more than 50 percent. Rotten tomatoes. In fact, Emerich’s films have made an amazing profit $ 4 Billions Total dollars.

While audiences may buy tickets, Emerich believes in his clear passion for the craft and care with which he destroys the world in multiple films. Watch this short clip of John Cusack’s efforts to survive the devastation of Los Angeles 2012:

See how many unique things are destroyed, and how many unique ways. Cusack’s limos and planes have so many unreasonably closed calls, they are separated by surroundings and things. How Absolutely Los Angeles is devastated, and the on-screen disaster opportunities, creativity and thoroughness. It is a symphony of destruction, played by building collapses, road explosions, overpass collapses, and debris. Everything The onscreen is falling apart, crashing or blowing up something other than a limo. Of course, Michael Bay likes his explosions, but he’s never been able to pull something like that, or he doesn’t necessarily want to. Roland Emmerich, on the other hand, has an unquenchable urge to visit the planet, and its inhabitants are suffering এবং and based on its trailers, Profit It may be the director’s most destructive film yet.

To quote Alfred Pennyworth The Dark Knight, Some people just want to see the destruction of the world. And in the case of Roland Emmerich, he wants you to see it burn.

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