Why doesn’t Joe Biden change the life of Palestine? Benjamin Netanyahu News

The U.S. administration, led by President Joe Biden, has vowed to change the course of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The beginning of the resumption of aid to the Palestinians, which was suspended under former US leader Donald Trump, was marked. This could be interpreted as a positive sign towards a new direction, but it may be premature to expect significant changes in its implementation, analysts say.

The United States will provide ১৫ 150 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNWRA) and $ 75 million for development projects in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken recently announced.

An additional 10 million will be used for peace-based action between Palestinians and Israelis.

The second is important for Biden’s plan to support and rebuild political contacts with the Palestinians to facilitate a two-state solution. Blinken emphasized the US vision for Israelis and Palestinians to live in “prosperity, security and freedom.”

This is a paradigm shift compared to the Trump era. The former president cut off almost all financial aid to the Palestinians in 2011 and supported the Netanyahu government at an unprecedented level on important issues such as illegal Israeli settlements.

What is known?

The biden tradition has been the norm Critic Israeli settlement policy. As vice president in 2016, Biden said he had “extreme frustration” with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government over the promotion and expansion of settlements.

During his campaign, Biden reiterated his call for a two-state solution and promised to reopen the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) mission in Washington, DC, and the US Consulate in Jerusalem on Palestinian issues.

However, experts do not see a bigger picture in the American way. Nader Hashemi, director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Denver, said the Biden administration lacked a coherent approach to the conflict that would significantly change the situation for Palestinians.

“The White House has a vision for Israel. The point of departure for the Biden administration is to think about the Palestinians and formulate its policy toward the conflict,” he told Al Jazeera.

Biden’s policy is the only continuation of unconditional American assistance under each US administration since the founding of Israel, Hashemi said.

Thus, Palestinian national rights and human rights will remain incomplete in the sense of not pressuring Israel for any concessions.

“The United States will not use its massive diplomatic and economic means to force Israel to grant concessions to the Palestinians to uphold international law,” Hashemi said.

Yaniv Volar, a senior lecturer in Middle East politics at the University of Kent, said Al Jazeera is more of a continuum than a reset of Biden’s party.

“Important members of Biden’s foreign policy team – for example, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken or CIA Director Dr. William Burns – are long-term members of the foreign policy body,” Volar said.

Palestinians raise Palestinian flags and chant slogans during protests in the West Bank city of Nablus [File: Alaa Badarneh/EPA-EFE]

‘Ultimately anti-Palestinian stance’

Blinken’s demand for “equal rights” for the Palestinians will not change the reality of US-Israeli relations, and his remarks were “cosmetic and unnecessary” and should not be taken lightly, Hashemi said.

The words of the US Secretary of State were based on symbolism and pointed in two specific directions.

“Part of this is inspired by Trump’s efforts to distance himself from Trump’s ultimate anti-Palestinian stance. It also implies that Biden has a foreign policy centered on human rights and that his views on the conflict are balanced on both sides,” Hashemi said.

In addition to these factors, Hashemi further believes that Blinken’s words were intended to address domestic concerns.

“It also exempted the base of the Democratic Party, which wanted a more balanced US policy towards Israel and Palestine, in the sense that Barney Sanders spoke

Biden had previously insisted that he would not lobby for the Trump administration’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem over Israel’s sovereignty. Occupied Golan Heights.

The U.S. president took a stand against pro-Palestinian voices from the Democratic Party and “called” the idea of ​​taking advantage of the Palestinians.Bizarre”During his election campaign.

In addition, Biden called the Trump-brokered normalization agreement with Arab countries and the abandonment of the Palestinians “historic progress” and promised to persuade more countries in the region to sign. Similar agreement.

Establishment of foreign policy

When looking at the key names of the Biden administration, the hiring of its staff reiterates the notion that under the Biden a pactic rite of passage seems impossible.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Biden’s ambassador to the United Nations, Committed To stand up against the unjust fight against boycotts, divisions and sanctions against Israel (BDS), a movement that seeks to pressure Israel to comply with international law. Thomas-Greenfield further stated that the BDS was anti-border Semitic.

Moreover, and unlike President Barack Obama, Biden has yet to appoint an Israeli-Palestinian envoy to explore alternatives to peace, Hashemi stressed.

Washington has largely ignored the level of support that Israel received under the previous administration, and the latest Israeli actions against Iran are also seen.

“At the very moment when Biden is negotiating with Iran in Vienna to resolve the nuclear issue, Israel is trying to sabotage the talks by launching another attack on Iran,” he said. “Israel is deliberately undermining its own policy, and even the Biden administration is silent on the issue,” Hashemi said.

A Palestinian used a bullet to throw stones at Israeli security forces near the town of Baita [File: Mohamad Torokman/Reuters]

Biden-Netanyahu is dynamic

Biden and Netanyahu have built much of a relationship over the years. The two men had known each other for decades and had a fair share of their differences, including Netanyahu’s disrespect for disagreements and bilateral positions on settlement.

Even Biden is famous Quotes: “BB I don’t agree with the bad thing you’re saying, but I love you.”

Volar said the notion that a potentially broken Biden-Netanyahu relationship could have a profound effect has been overlaid.

“After entering the White House, President Biden delayed his phone call to Netanyahu, which many saw as an indication to Netanyahu that he had lost support for Washington. However, this gesture should not be exaggerated. At the end of the day, as long as the vested interests and ideological issues that shape US-Israeli relations remain in place, Washington, led by Joe Biden, is unlikely to significantly change its position on Israel. “

If anything, the Biden administration was restoring Trump’s policies to the center. Moreover, Biden histor has historically been a staunch supporter of Israel.

“Biden had a long relationship with Netanyahu. Even before Obama’s appointment as vice president, Biden did not withdraw from Washington’s defensive support for Washington, “Volar said.

Furthermore, although Netanyahu may have left a taste in the mouths of many Democrats, it is not enough to challenge stability, Volar said.

“While there is hatred against some democratic Netanyahu, I do not believe it will significantly affect the party’s attitude towards Israel. Many Democrats are committed to Israel and want to appeal to pro-Israel voters in the country, ”he said.

But Volar acknowledged that Israel’s current dynamics could change rapidly.

“There is very little chance that Netanyahu will not be the next prime minister. If it is, for example, Naftali Bennett, Modern hawk location can make things look different “

The election of Palestine

In addition to the biden factor, Hamas and Fatah came to an agreement after years of conflict, with Palestinian expectations appearing in the form of recently scheduled elections. Hashemi, however, said he was skeptical about whether the vote would make a difference.

“I suspect that there may be an attempt to hold elections, but only if the current corrupt Palestinian leaders guarantee victory. First, elections under military occupation are not meaningless. Secondly, what about Gaza, which is under siege, ”he said.

Opponents of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas are not free to organize and consolidate and then there has been an epidemic, Hashemi said.

Thus, moving towards increasing support for the Palestinians without the precedent of the United States and a The corrupt leadership of Palestine has continued, Hope will remain rather limited.

Nonetheless, Hashemi said the Palestinians could move towards a better life, although that would be difficult to achieve.

“I strongly believe that the key to Palestinian self-determination is the new Palestinian leadership, African National Congress In South Africa. Until this happens, the Palestinians will be under the control of the broken and defeated people, “said Hashemi.

Thus the change must first take place internally, because Washington is apparently still not answering Palestinian questions and hopes.

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