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Black Adam concept art

Black Adam concept art
Pictures: Warner Bros.

Production on DC is over Black Adam Movies, And almost all the time we see Dwayne Johnson as the title anti-hero. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (with Hiram) Garcia and Johnson worked Jungle Cruise) And Rory Haynes writes, Black Adam is the main AnneTagonist of superhero ShazI and sometimes enemies, sometimes allies of the Justice League.

President Hiram Garcia in a recent interview with Seven Box Productions Talked to Collider About his excitement for the film and, “Y.You don’t see him use it at high speeds for a moment, and then it stops, “said Garcia.. “It’s part of his arsenal.”

Warner is releasing several with the Brothers R-rated film At DCEU, Black Adam PG-13 rated. However, Garcia doesn’t want fans to think it will affect the story in any way. “It simply came to our notice then [the PG-13 rating] Limit the number of our killings, ”he said bluntly. “There are a lot of people who can start living in the Black Adam movie and not be at the end of the movie.”

For the movie, Black Adam The same exists on earth Shazam! But Garcia doesn’t explain how the character connects to the larger universe, but he does mention it“When Black Adam appears, no matter where you live in the DC world, you’re going to feel it.”

The Justice League is no longer the main one Focus Of DC Cinematic universe, does that mean the balance of energy is about to change? “Of course we’re focused on building our world right now,” Garcia said. Shazam! Exists in the same universe as Black Adam, and there are some more crossover elements that you can feel in our movies. According to the details of how they all came together, though work is still going on. ”

This information raises the hope that, in the end, we will see Black Adam and Shazam turn heads together. Its aesthetics will be interesting to see Jacqueline Levy against The Rock.

Black Adam It is expected to be released in theaters July 29, 2022

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