Will.IM’s Xupermask ANC Earphones Built-in a 9 299 HPA Mask

Faces have become a necessity during the epidemic, we have seen countless variations in the masks of the world of fashion, commodities and technology. Will.i.m, enter a pop star who has tried different levels of success to make all those industries forget. Black Eyed Pea has teamed up with Frontman Honeywell $ 299 tech-embedded face masks that don’t show up outside of cyberpunk movie or game space.

Made in partnership with Hollywood costume designer Jose Fernandez – who was behind SpaceX’s spacesuit – “Jupermask” is equipped with dual three-speed fan and HPA filters, which we also saw in LG’s wearable air purifier. After his audiophile hat, Will.I.M also added wireless earphones (similar to his notification). Button Ear sounds) Features active sound cancellation, a microphone and Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

Borrow from The king’s mask, The future of the future at Expermask, featuring LED day glow lights to tap more into neon aesthetics. The face mask goes on sale in North America and Europe on April 8th Website Where it will be available in two colors (black and white) and in two sizes.

There’s nothing to be entirely surprised to see Will.I.M. throwing in face masks. His work in the technical field has already given him a release Perverted Smart watch (Or Two), IPhone accessories, And those are the previous earbuds. His company i.am + also acquired one Smart Home Hub Maker And tried to buy wireless earphone startup ErinAlthough that deal Fall through. All of this is to say that his musical career has been much more successful than that of an inexperienced bidder to become a technical entrepreneur.

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