Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

After performing A melon jump over the Grand Canyon In 2018, Will Smith has a visibly less ambitious goal for his next YouTube main series: showing us how fit he was as a middle-aged celebrity. The best shape of my life According to YouTube, the six-part indefinite show will be “challenging himself to improve every aspect of his fitness with the memory of a funny, fun, inspiring, wildly brave and deeply entertaining story”. On the way, he will chat with athletes, scientists and well, Become Will Smith, As he encourages the audience to be healthy.

Of course, it’s easier for a rich person to fit in when they have plenty of resources, leisure time and some connections to the best coaches in the world … I just hope Smith puts the show on the ground. As with other YouTube originals, Alicia Keys will star in a four-part documentary about her life and inspirations, and explore how MacGo will influence the world of public health and race and class. Barber medicine.

During today’s Brandcast event, YouTube revealed that it increased viewership by 25 percent in the first quarter (compared to last year). Although this is not a huge surprise. YouTube, more than any other video service, is a source of virtually endless content. And while the epidemic is still raging, it’s no surprise that more people are spending more and more time with it. Personally, watching YouTube clips has started while I usually dedicate myself to watching a new Netflix series or movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is a reality for many others.

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