Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

It’s official: Later Lots of publicity And a Slightly late, Has William Shatner Become The oldest person to fly in space. The Orig0-year-old Star Trek icon was one of four crew members on Blue Origin’s NS-1 mission as it flew 66 miles. He is a 822-year-old aviation pioneer Wally Funk, WHO Setting previous age records Just a few months ago.

The new Shepard flight also included Blue Origin VP Audrey Powers, Planet Labs co-founder Dr Chris Basuizen and Medidata co-creator Glenn de Vries. This is the second of three crew missions planned for Blue Origin 2021.

This is an important moment for the spacecraft, not to mention the sci-fi fans. It shows that age is not too much of a limitation for a short trip into space, and anyone who wants to see Captain Kirk go to the final frontier in real life fulfills his dream – even if he doesn’t help the starship.

That said, it’s a timely public relations boost for Blue Origin. Jeff Bezos ’private spaceflight outfit is currently a Toxic work environment, Not to mention its consequences Legal dispute with SpaceX On the NASA Moon Mission Agreement. Shutter’s successful journey won’t completely distract from those issues, but it may give Blue Origin a chance to highlight some of the opportunities when many focus on its flaws.

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