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Wittings is launching Scanwatch Horizon today, a doll-up version of his Scanwatch inside the body of a diving watch. Horizon comes in the form of a large, 43mm case, but Otherwise the same device that we already think is the best hybrid on the market. These include built-in ECG, blood oxygen sensor and sleep apnea tracking, as well as normal activity and sleep-monitoring features. You get the same pair of sub-dials, one with a small digital screen for notifications, the other with an analog activity counter.

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Sadly, the beef body and high price didn’t add anything to the list of features, and so this phone has no GPS until your phone arrives for the ride. And, if we do net-picking, we can say that when it is worn as a diving watch (a proper laser-engraved rotating bezel and Luminova watch hands) the water resistance is limited to 10ATM, which is not comparable. The most serious diving watch.

That said, the smartwatch world is screaming for something that matches the premium diving watch styling with hints of smarts. It can’t be TAG Heuer attached This market is allowed to be the default by default, especially since it is running, you know, Wear OS.

Picture of the green winged Scanwatch Horizon


When you get one of these on your wrist, the Scanwatch Horizon will first launch in the UK from September 2nd, priced at £ 499.95 / € 499.95. Buyers will be able to choose a blue or green face color and both models will ship with a stainless steel and an FKM rubber band (for swimming), both of which will be released naturally quickly. Naturally, you can expect that this watch will launch in Europe and the United States in the near future.

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