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উইথিংস' শিরোনামের নিবন্ধের জন্য চিত্র  নতুন স্মার্ট স্কেল আপনার ব্যক্তিগত শরীরের অঙ্গ পরিমাপ করতে পারেPictures: Withings

There is no end to the two years that have turned into a global epidemic, as good as the time to try to get back in shape. To make it easier when reducing regular trips to a public gym or doctor’s office, Withings has updated its Smart Scale with a new feature that improves the accuracy of the data that the scale collects whenever someone uses it.

In 2009, Withings created one of the first smart scales that was able to measure more than just someone’s weight when they stepped on it. Using bio-electrical impedance analysis, where a low-amplitude electric current passes through the body barefoot and then the resistance to current flow is measured, the scale was able to determine the user’s body fat vs. muscle and water percentage, a more detailed break to their body health. Down

The scales also included other strategies, including measuring user heart rates and syncing all that collected data to the cloud, and a companion app that allows users to easily track their health progress over time. For 2022, Withings is introducing the next generation of its smart scale with an extra retractable handle with four extra stainless steel electrodes that allow for new functionality.

Previous versions of the Withings scales were limited to reporting the percentage of muscle and bone mass based on a user’s body fat, water, visceral fat, and whole body. The new Withings body scan scale is capable of providing the same readings but has been broken down into specific body parts, including the torso, arms and legs. So if every day is a foot day for you, you will be able to see those specific advances, including muscle mass gain, through the Wings app.

Other upgrades include the ability to measure a 6-lead ECG (electrocardiogram) using the handle’s four electrodes and a scale base, and then use proprietary algorithms to identify potential heart problems such as arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation. The new body scan can also monitor the user for neurological problems through a 30-second test where a small current is applied to the sweat glands of the feet. The amount of chloride ions released by the glands in response may be an early indicator of the degradation of small nerve fibers, This is another problem that can be reversed through a healthier lifestyle.

For those who want to skip the app or choose to keep it out of the cloud, Body Scan has a built-in high-resolution 3.2-inch color LCD screen that displays all the results of the scale each time you use it. Users need to remember to look down while using it.

Availability for the new Withings body scan is expected sometime in the second half of 2022, but this has not yet been cleared by the FDA. Results of government agencies. As a result, pricing information isn’t available yet, but you can expect a higher price than the উপলব্ধ 150 Withings Body Cardio currently available.

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