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Usually if you launch an application uninstall Windows 11 Or 10, you will have an empty folder in your installation directory. The presence of these empty folders can be very annoying as it often confuses users while navigating. In this article, we’ve listed 5 ways to find and delete such empty folders on your Windows system. You can learn to improve your Windows performance through this Deleting cache files.

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Ways to find and delete empty folders in Windows 10/11

Use the Windows PowerShell tool to move an empty folder

Windows PowerShell is a powerful utility tool that lets you easily remove empty folders inside a specific directory. Follow these steps to achieve the same using this tool.

  • Navigate Directory On your Windows system where you want to clear empty folders.
  • Press What is the computer key board shift Click here and Open the PowerShell window here Option to open Windows PowerShell tool in the current directory.

  • Type the following Order Inside the window:

(gci “path address” -r |? $ _. PSIsContainer -eq $ True) | ? $ $ _. GetFileSystemInfos (). Count -eq 0} | Remove terms

  • Removal “Pathdress” and replace it with your current directory path. For example, (gci “C: Users Abc Documents ” -r |? {$ _. PSIsContainer -eq $ True) | ? $ $ _. GetFileSystemInfos (). Count -eq 0} | Remove terms

  • Injury Enter button To run the command.
  • There will be all the empty folders in the specified path delete recursively With empty sub-folders.

Clear an empty folder using the Command Prompt tool

Command Prompt is another useful tool for listing and removing empty folders in your Windows directory. Follow these simple steps to do the same.

  • Open Run the window Pressing simultaneously Windows + R The key.
  • Type cmd To open a command prompt window.

  • Inside the command prompt window, Navigate to the directory You want to access it using the cd command.

  • Type the following Order In your command prompt window and press Write the key.

rd “% i” 2> NUL for / f “delims =”% i in (‘dir / s / b / ad ^ | sort / r’)

  • Once executed, this command will delete all empty folders and sub-folders from the specified path.

Use the Robocopy tool to delete empty folders

Robocopy is one of the oldest tools available on your Windows system which can be a great one File-copy Tool. You can use this tool to delete all empty folders in a specific directory, including their empty sub-folders. Follow these steps for a simple solution

  • Press Windows Key and search Command prompt application To open it

  • Type the following Order Inside the command prompt window:

Robocopy “Source Path” “Destination Path” / S / Move

  • Replace source path And with destination path Same address Your directory where you want to delete all empty folders. For example, Robocopy “C: Users Abc Documents” “C: Users Abc Documents” / S / move
  • Be sure to avoid a use Backward backslash At the end of the directory path.

  • Injury Write the key To run the command. This will delete all empty folders and sub-folders inside the directory.

Use third party tools such as Blank Files and Folder Finder

There are many useful and popular third party tools online to remove empty files and folders from your directory. Is known as a tool that you can try Empty file and folder finder. Follow these simple steps to download and use this tool to remove empty folders from your system’s directory.

  • Install the application Use the installation wizard and open it.
  • You can use this app to delete empty files, that is, files that use zero memory space.
  • Click Add Path Button To add directories where you want to delete empty folders.

  • After you select the directory of your choice, click Now the scan button Top to scan all empty folders. It will present you a list and number of all the empty folders inside the app window.

  • You can manually check the empty folder name and click Delete folder To remove them immediately.

  • You can repeat the same process with it Empty file section To delete all empty files inside the Windows directory.

Bonus Tip: Use the DelEmpty tool to repeatedly clean up empty folders

Another useful tool to help you remove empty folders and subfolders inside the Windows directory. DelEmpty tool. This tool provides a GUI interface to quickly navigate to the directory you need to delete empty folders. Follow these steps to download and acquire using this app

  • Open a new tab in your web browser and access the Softpedia website to download DelEmpty tool. Click Download button now To download this tool to your system.

  • Extract the zip file on your system and Double click In the DelEmpty application to launch it.

  • If you see a popup from the Microsoft Store during the app launch, click Install anyway Button to launch the app.
  • Click Browse button Inside the DelEmpty app to navigate to the directory of your choice where you want to delete empty folders.

  • You will immediately see a list of all folders and subfolders in your selected directory.
  • Check the folders you want to delete and click Delete button To delete such folders.

  • Congratulations. You’ve successfully deleted all the empty folders in your favorite Windows directory

Wrap: No more empty folders

We hope you have now learned to clear empty folders on your Windows 10/11 system to keep your files safe and organized. If this article helps you Improving the Windows Experience, Then press the Like button and share it with your friends to solve their problems. Stay tuned for more helpful problem solving guides.

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