Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin fell while taking part in a night hockey league gala match at the Bolshoi Ice Arena.

He is very busy playing hockey.
Pictures: Yuri Kochetkov / Pool (AP)

The whole world is set Hang out in Glasgow next week And how to protect the climate. In recent years, world leaders have joined the latest round of UN climate talks.

But this year, they are set to join early Discussion Set the stage for (hopefully) More ambitious discussion. The UK government is hosting the meeting, and politician Alok Sharma, who is tasked with leading them, told a news conference this week that 120 world leaders are attending the kickoff conference.

“I am very happy that despite still having Kovid with us, we have received more than 120 world leaders who will come to Glasgow physically, and I am extremely grateful to them,” he said.

Their rank includes President Joe Biden, who represents one The sea changes from the Trump year. Heads of state from South Korea, Switzerland, France, Australia, India and countless other countries will also be present. Other dignitaries will be present, a group that included the queen herself before her doctors gave her a kibbutz. With any small feat Trumpeting uk That discussion, known as COP26, will be “the largest political rally ever held in the UK”.

But there are some leaders who will not appear. Whether they have a better thing than promising not to scratch the planet or not wanting to take part in the IRL, some of the big players will stay home. Do they hold this meeting every year in the emirate? Let’s meet some of the world leaders who failed to push the most fruitful international discussion on their calendars at the beginning of the most decisive decade in human history.

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