Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

That’s enough , But the Xbox series X / S console now supports Dolby Vision for gaming. More than 100 Dolby Vision HDR-optimized titles available or coming soon, including . Microsoft says thousands of other games will increase the quality of an HDR10 or Auto HDR image thanks to Dolby Vision.

To get the full experience, you’ll need a Dolby Vision-enabled TV with gaming settings, automatic low-latency mode, and variable refresh rates. According to Microsoft, depending on the power of your display, you’ll get 40 times brighter highlights, 10 times deeper black and 12-bit color depth. Dolby Vision can work in concert with other features such as re-tracing.

Dolby and Xbox are collaborating with their developers so they can get the most out of Dolby Vision. They are also working with TV manufacturers on firmware updates to support Dolby Vision at 120 Hz.

Microsoft Dolby Vision on the console in March. It was suggested last spring that the Xbox had Dolby Vision and Console exclusivity, but it is Not the field. However, the Xbox series X / S consoles are currently the only ones with Dolby Vision support.

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