Xiaomi is reportedly planning to make electric cars

Apple is clearly not the only major phone maker rumored to be Electronic car design. Reuters Source Say that Xiaomi is planning to make electric cars aimed at the “mass market”. Details of the EVs themselves were not forthcoming, but Xiaomi is expected to integrate them with other products and manufacture them at the plant from the Chinese auto giant Great Wall. The first model will arrive in 2023.

According to Tipstars, the official word could come next week. Both companies declined to comment.

The argument may be simple: Xiaomi can diversify and strengthen its lineup. Although it is One of the largest phone brands In China, it operates at a small profit margin and could easily sink into short-term problems such as the recent chip shortage. EVS will give Shaomi a more reliable source of income throughout the year.

Of course the problem is that Xiaomi is not the only one with this idea. In addition to Apple, Huawei is also expected to explore cars. Chinese search agency Baidu has already unveiled its plans Create an EV with the help of Gili. Dealing with tech companies in the automotive world may seem like an innovation now, but in a few years they may become relatively commonplace.

Xiaomi can bet on the ecosystem to attract people. Founder Leigh is betting in June that the company’s experience with hardware design will give it an edge, a source said. Unlike some of its competitors, Xiaomi makes many products outside of the phone that include everything from Smart TV To the rice cooker it knows how to make different devices, many of which talk to each other and can be appealing if you already invest in the brand.

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