Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Yamaha may not be one of the first names that comes to mind when discussing earbuds or headphones. But the company has several models under its belt, ranging from affordable Premium and valuable. Follow it TW-E3A True Wireless Earbuds, Yamaha has announced TW-E3B: A set that describes it as its smallest and lightest option.

While this may be true, based on product images, the TW-E3B still has a considerable size compared to the really small size options. Jabra Elite 3 And Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2. Still, they are 25 percent smaller than the TW-E3A, which is an improvement. In addition to the case size, debugged logo and charging indicator light, the overall look of the new model is quite similar to its predecessor. The E3B has more color options, but overall, Yamaha hasn’t opted for a full remake here.


Battery life is the same: 6 hours in a bunch, 24 hours in case of total extra charge. The new version is still IPX5 rated for water and sweat resistance while on-board controls help enable audio playback, calls and your chosen voice assistant. Yamaha has brought back Listening Care, a feature that the company says will give you “full range sound” at even lower volumes to help protect your hearing. Like the TW-E3A, the TW-E3B works with the Yamaha app for Android and iOS which gives you a degree of customization for specific settings.

The TW-E3B will be available at the end of October for 99.95 – 30 30 less than the TW-E3A’s debut price. When it comes down to it, you’ll be able to choose from black, gray, green, blue, pink and purple color options. TW-E3A is still available at a discount, Going to .9 49.95. That’s less than half the original asking price of 129.95.

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